A bike ride from yesteryear right through to the future, with style and passion.

The Borgata brand was created by a group of friends with a passion for bicycles, who have never stopped dreaming. Their commitment and devotion and to this sport and their constant desire to take risks led them to discover new horizons.

The Borgata brand is synonymous with tradition and innovation. Its tradition lies in the same expert craftsmanship found in workshops in bygone days, in which secrets were passed down from one generation to the next. Its innovation is represented by the new production techniques based on the research for cutting-edge solutions. This perfect blend paved the way for the years ahead, taking them further, beyond the horizon and any standard procedures to make new, groundbreaking discoveries, never forgetting their roots and origins.

Borgata has combined its stylish elegance with practical solutions and high-quality materials, to create a perfect blend which aims to reach high standards of quality and outstanding performance. Borgata is a hallmark for true bike fans. Bicycles for all-round enjoyment which become a way of life. High performance and fighting spirit have always played an important part in cycling, from the era of heroic cycling champions up to sport as we know it today. But a bicycle is much more than just a bike.

That’s why Borgata is not just a brand and a product, but has a very long story of its own, a fast story on two wheels that began when roads were unpaved and people didn’t only ride their bikes as a sport or recreation, “out of rage or love”, but because bikes were the main means of transport and having a bike was an important achievement.

The years have whizzed by, but today everyone, or nearly everyone, still has memories of when their life was linked to their bicycle. At least one time in their lives, all children have closed their eyes and dreamed of sitting on their bike saddle, and in this era of video games, the bicycle is still the most desired object for children.

Borgata has its origins in a time when there was nothing better than riding a bike in two … Anyone could go for a ride on the “top tube”, men, children, women, girlfriends and wives. To ride with your girlfriend on the “top tube” was a real achievement, almost a victory. Everyone used their bike in those days. It was used by the postman to deliver the post, by the knife grinder to reach the village, even by the milkman on his milk round. The village priest moved around on his bike as did the policeman to chase thieves, and even soldiers waged war on two wheels. Cars were a real luxury in those days so everyone moved around on two wheels.

As in the past, bicycles are still very much part of our lives. Cars are no longer a luxury…while having the time to dedicate to our beloved bike has almost become a luxury in its own right, a luxury we don’t want to give up. People use their bikes for a living, for pure enjoyment or passion, or on bike tours. What is known as slow bike tourism now represents an important sector in this trade, in which tourists pedal to their holiday destination and sleep in bike hotels. The bicycle is a way of life for all ages because cycling is good for our health; there are also electrically-driven bikes and bikes with pedal assistance for those who need them.

For this reason, with its wide range of products in different designs, materials and characteristics, Borgata has something to meet the most varied needs and desires of all its customers.